No More Maybe

I’ve just finished reading a piece in the New Yorker titled, “No More Maybe” by Gish Jen. It’s a fiction piece written on a soon-to-be mother, who immigrated from China to the US with her husband. It starts off by immediately throwing you into a first person narrative, where the narrator details her experiences meeting […]

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Why reading fiction helps your science:

Reading fiction isn’t the best way to improve your science, but it’s a darned fun way to spend an evening. Exciting, imaginative, and chronologically driven, reading fiction and specifically fantasy, is a great way to entertain the mind. Firstly, great fantasy writing generally utilizes fantastic world-building. While I don’t claim that reading fantasy will help […]

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Thoughts on Machine Learning and Bulk Data Processing

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve published on here, but I’ve had some thoughts I wanted to share on learning speed, machine learning, and microfluidic processing. [1] To give some background information, when I learn, I try to connect new information I’ve learned to old information that I already understand in an attempt to be […]

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Life Update and a Personal Take on “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (An American Slave)”

Hi everyone, Joseph here: How are y’all doing? It’s been a hectic start to the beginning of the year here @ Berkeley and finding time to write, like always, is a challenging undertaking. However, I have neglected the blog for far too long and I appreciate Ryann (Shoutout to Ryann Madden – AWESOME undergrad advisor […]

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