Hey everyone, Joseph here with something a bit different. I borrowed my friend Leo Chen’s microphone and decided that I’d try to sing a song that I’ve really enjoyed from Ed Sheeran’s most recent album: Supermarket Flowers. Scroll to the bottom if you just want the link to hear my off-tune singing.

Figure 1: The microphone (blue snowball- Thanks Leo!) and my emails in the background

Unfortunately, for those who do know me, the random noises and screeches that emanate from my direction are not necessarily the most exciting thing to hear in the morning. In fact, one of my only fans (my mom) described my singing as “sing(ing) like a chicken with it’s head cut off”. Unfortunately for her, I decided to push ahead anyways and write this article.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.31.25 AM.png

Presumably, nobody would want to hear a below-average singer plodding along to a tune off-key. On the other hand, most of us aren’t great singers, in fact, you’re probably a singer-of-the-shower, just like myself! That’s perfectly okay, and I have a link to a couple websites I read for singing that may or not be entirely spurious. [1] I also read that pointing your chin down and pronouncing your vowels could also improve your voice here.[2]

Of course, don’t take my advice as anything more than that. That would be like the blind leading the blind on a descent into a discordant sea of noise. I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy, let alone, my good friends. I recorded the songs on Audacity from Leo’s recommendation as well. [3]

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.20.01 AM
Figure 3: This is what the microphone scratching at the beginning looks like on Audacity

The rest of the pictures are just examples of what the sound file came out and looked like. I would love to hear input from any professionals that do this as a side job- or are looking for another boy band member (just kidding…).

The picture above was side-by-side of the lyrics “You were an angel in the shape-“. The first image was sung at the beginning, while the second was sung at the end of the song.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.21.12 AM
Figure 4: “A heart that’s broke” sounded a lot better in my head… but it sounded like I just spoke the words, which is why you can see there’s no connection between the disparate sound pieces.
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.23.19 AM
Figure 5: Literally just a screech in the middle of the sing

Soundcloud Links:

1. Edited Supermarket Flowers

2. Unedited Supermarket Flowers

Word of precaution: If you listen to the unedited clips, get ready for a lot of sniffling.

Finally, I just wanted to announce that we got a total of 6 VOTES for the Pi vs. Tau session. The vote went 4-2 in favor of pi, probably because it was pi day. I’m not salty though, it’s perfectly fine.

Hope your week goes well and I’ll see you all later!

Your friend,


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