I finally got around to start reading this book after the recommendation by Frank Huang, some three or four years ago now. It’s been everything I’ve expected- the dreariness and fear of living under The Ministries, the constant vigilance of Big Brother, and the orthodoxy and Winston’s (the main character) struggle to make sense of the world.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.18.00 PM.png

Ironically, in a novel so well known for the paradigms it draws with modern society, (the fear of government, the rise of socialism, etc.) I have been drawn in by the romance between Julia and Winston. Perhaps the inevitability of their doom is what draws me in, but the foreboding sense of tragedy impending on the near horizon is what I know will kill me.

Unfortunately, I am only halfway though the novel, and grossly underqualified to give a literary review of the implications of such a seminal work, but I am thoroughly enjoying the novel at my own, unhurried pace, and look forward to seeing how the ending plays out. I’ll be back when I’m done. Hopefully this novel won’t be the end of me.

edit. 3/29/17: The ending of the novel was predictable but also disheartening. Winston’s induction as a cog in the system was horrific. I can see why this book and its idealogies were banned in many countries. Orwell’s warning to the rest of the world is the antithesis of some modern governments that exist today. Overall an excellent read, but some loose ends remain.



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